Aperol Summer

Walk through an Italian town during the late-afternoon particularly in Northern cities like Milan and Venice—and you’ll find groups of people enjoying Aperol Spritzes. 

The after-work spritz is a long-established Italian tradition, and fortunately, it’s one that’s easily replicated anywhere. 

Amalfi Spritz Cocktail – 280 THB++
A simple way to enhance your summer parties is with the liberal use of sparkling wines. Serve them on their own, if that’s your style, but don’t sleep on deploying bubbly into your mixed drinks. Case in point: the Amalfi Spritz, which combines easy-drinking Aperol with Prosecco, lime, and pineapple. It’s the kind of drink that begs for a sunny patio, a pool, and maybe an umbrella. And considering its low-alcohol sensibilities, you can sip on this one all day long. 
Ingredients: Aperol Prosecco, pineapple juice, lime juice, soda water 

Rosé Aperol Spritz – 280 THB++
It’s fizzy, it’s pink, it’s a cheery aperitif. This spin on the classic Italian Aperol spritz uses sparkling rosé instead of plain prosecco. For a less sweet drink, you can skip the fresh citrus juice and drop a lemon twist into the glass. A wine glass is standard but any glass that fits this quantity of liquid works. 
Ingredients: Aperol, rosé wine, soda water, Green olives as garnish 

Aperol Betty – 280 THB++
The best recommendation An Italian summertime Spritz! A delicious alternative to the popular Aperol Spritz. The addition of ruby red grapefruit juice pairs perfectly with the Aperol. 
Ingredients: Aperol fresh grapefruit juice Prosecco, orange j. Grapefruit peel as garnish 

Classic Aperol Spritz – 280 THB++
When it comes to cocktails and aperitifs, the Aperol spritz is one of the first recipes jumping off people’s minds. The classic Italian Aperol spritz recipe is one of the most requested by people looking for a refreshing drink to accompany their bits and nibs. 
Ingredients: Aperol, soda water, Prosecco 

Aperol Spritz Lemon Cello – 280 THB++
Want a bubbly citrus cocktail? Try the Limon cello spritz! This sparkling drink has a pure lemon flavor from this Italian liqueur. 
Ingredients: Aperol, Lemon cello, Tonic 

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