Do you have mom’s special recipe listed on your favourite dish?

Here at La Gritta, Chef Patrizia would love to share her strongest memories of mom taking place in the kitchen when she was young.
She helped her with cooking and being a taste tester. Chef Patrizia is inspired by her mom to present mom’s collection of authentic Italian recipes, including lamb chops, slow-cooked wagyu beef short ribs, Bucatini pasta, Sardinian home-made pasta and baked pork loin as five special dishes in September.

Agnello al Pistacchio, priced at 1,380 THB++
Lamb chops mixed with pistachio and taleggio sauce, served with marinated artichokes and roasted potatoes

Costata di Wagyu al Limone, priced at 1,480 THB++
Slow-cooked wagyu beef short ribs, served with lemon juice, Cayenne pepper, grilled asparagus and baked cauliflower

Bucatini Cacio e Pepe, priced at 480 THB++
Bucatini pasta mixed with pecorino cheese and black pepper

Culargiones, priced at 480 THB++
Sardinian home-made pasta filled with young pecorino and potatoes, mixed with tomato sauce and garnished with fresh mint leaves

Arista al Forno con Salsa di Mele e Cipollotti, priced at 880 THB++
Baked pork loin topped by apple and onion sauce, served with mashed potato and garnished with tomato and seasonal vegetables