Savour an array of fresh seafood from the Andaman Sea during this special promotion in July 2018. Chef Patrizia selects the best local seafood, including squid, prawns, sand fish, seabass, clams and mussels to make an ideal match with five Italian recipes. Seafood lovers should not miss out!

Fritto Misto, priced at 560 THB++
Deep-fried seafood including crispy calamari, prawns and sand fish and garnished with crispy zucchini. Served with three sauces: pesto, saffron mayonnaise and tartar.

Calamari Ripieni, priced at 580 THB++
Squid filled with Italian sausage and stewed in cherry tomato sauce offers a slightly salty and sour taste; served with mashed potato.

Spigola, priced at 750 THB++
Baked seabass marinated with aroma fennel seeds and lemon, and served with lemon wine sauce and crispy fried potato.

Spaghetti alle Vongole, priced at 490 THB++
Spaghetti with clams and a light tomato sauce.

Paccheri e Cozze alla Napoletana, priced at 590 THB++
Paccheri pasta cooked in the Naples style, with mussels and a slightly spicy tomato sauce.

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