June 30, 2017


Indulge in La Gritta’s home-made pasta at a special promotion called “Pasta a Mano” in July 2017. Chef Patrizia from Rome, Italy, crafts pasta dishes daily and invites guests to taste five fresh pasta dishes presented in different shapes, various fillers and sauces:

Tortelli al foie gras, priced at 590 THB++
Pasta in a Tortelli shape, which is similar to that of a ring, offers an aroma and flavour full of cheese. The pasta is filled with foie gras as the main ingredient together with chicken breast, fresh Italian herbs, white wine, celery, salt and black pepper. It is good to serve this pasta with Parmesan sauce.

Bombolotti alla carbonara, priced at 490 THB++
Pasta in a Bombolotti shape, which is similar to that of a short tube and flattened, offers a slightly salty taste from the Pancetta sauce,
which is a slightly creamy sauce mixed with Pancetta or Italian bacon, Pecorino cheese and white wine. The pasta is filled with Pecorino and Parmesan cheeses as the main fillers mixed with egg and black pepper. Great for serving hot to get the best taste of the melted cheeses.

Agnolotti di funghi, priced at 490 THB++
Pasta in an Agnolotti shape, which is a nice round shape, is filled with sliced Porcini and Shitake mushrooms mixed with Béchamel sauce. Great to pair with Parmesan sauce and topped with walnuts, this pasta offers a nice smell of mushrooms and a tender taste.

Fagotti di Asparagi e Taleggio, priced at 550 THB++
Pasta in a Fagotti shape, a typical and cute pasta shape, is filled with vegetables. The main fillers are asparagus and Taleggio cheese.
The tender pasta is mixed with smoked salmon and pesto sauce, giving the pasta a strong aroma.

Ravioli alla Pizzaiola, priced at 490 THB++
Pasta in a Ravioli square shape is one of the most popular pastas. Inside the pasta are Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, cherry tomatoes, and oregano. The pasta is mixed with tomato sauce and garlic, which offers a slightly sour taste and the smell of pizza.

All prices are subject to a 10% service charge and 7% VAT. Terms and conditions apply.